Waiting for a Godot

pexels-photo-54379The most amazing part of almost all human lives is that we all wait for someone, intentionally or unintentionally for a magical transformation of our life. We believe that we all need a hand of God to pat our back so that we will be charged enough to bounce back thrashing the villains. The villain can be anything, right from a hard core enemy to the self-destructing force inside.

We wait. We wait for someone to clear our path. We hope that someone will come accidentally to our life and make it fruitful. We think that it is the way of life and we all wait for that Godot.

Sometimes, it works. Please don’t ask how. I don’t know. I think it’s a matter of power of dreams that makes things happen. A Little bit of Paulo effect but there is some truth in that. Because when we believe in the most impossible manner, the entire universe conspires to help you to achieve it. There is an another element to it, the absence of fear. You believe in such a way that it will eliminate the possible fear that created the hurdle in your path. When there is an absence of fear, you will strike hard with the power of the superhuman that lies within us.

No wonder that humans have not realized their true potential even now. We don’t believe in ourselves but we believe in lucks. Haven’t you a heard a million times, Oh, it’s purely luck, nothing else. Otherwise, how can he!. We fail to congratulate others genuinely because we think they don’t deserve it. It is also a matter of jealousy as well. It’s very difficult to accept the fact that others have achieved something while you are still waiting for the call.

No more waiting. Nobody will come to feed you with luck. There’s no point in blaming others for your failures. It’s you who is the master of your destiny, not anyone else. It’s your dreams, your work that is going to matter. So, gear up and challenge yourself. It’s our time. You are the Godot, waiting to be triggered.



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