The legends of Somalia, demystifying the rare Indian species

Why Kerala has failed to endorse the development model of Gujarat?

For the umpteenth time, the thundering Pakistanis has outraged against custodians of holy Indian cows by shamelessly conducting beef fests all throughout Kerala. Blatantly protesting against the sacred cattle slaughter ban, the vociferous Malayali clan has rubbished the Central government orders. By vigorously disregarding the aura of gau mata, the self-proclaimed cyber trollers in Kerala has launched an indefinite meme strike targeting K Surendran and Kummanam Rajasekharan.

This is not the first time the state office holders of the Central ruling party has become a vulnerable prey to the intelligentsia. Many a times, including the recent past and the upcoming future, Surendran and Kummanam are likely to be lampooned again. Though it has become a customary to troll half-witted political leaders, their sheer perseverance and indomitable determination to get trolled again, deserves a special appreciation!

Not just the local leaders, even the party supremos faced several backlashes while attempting to lure the educationally spoiled Kerala society. Comparing Kerala to Somalia on infant mortality rate, Prime Minister Narendra Modi could no way save himself from the incessant shower of innumerable hashtags.

Malayalees have a great knack of understanding communal venoms. The recent visit of Amit Shah to the state and the gusto with which #Alavalathi Shaji become a trend depicts that the Hindutva agenda propagated by RSS has not gained a foot hold in Kerala despite having a member in the legislative assembly.

Focussing the general elections in 2019, the party leadership is fishing in the troubled waters of Kerala.  However, the beef eating state with its high literacy and global health care standard has vehemently opposed any attempts of saffronisation perpetuated by the self-proclaimed avatars.

When the much lauded Gujarat development model has failed to attract the prudent Kerala society, BJP has got nothing left but to play the communal card. Though a multitude of states have followed the bandwagon embracing the saffron ideology, the clan of rational Indian species, upholding individual rights and liberties has stood up revolting against fascism.



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