Of the gau, by the gau and for the gau

How India has dwindled into a land of pandits, peacocks and parrots

An exasperating farrago of Hindutva ideology masqueraded as cow vigilantism perpetrated by the paragons of RSS has tainted the fabric of secular India today.

With the increasing attacks against Muslims and Dalits in the name of cow protection, the country, once lauded for unity in diversity has fallen into a fathomless dung pit orchestrated by the mentally malnourished gau rakshaks.

Blinded by the vote bank politics, when the prime minister of a nation conveniently ignored the hues and cries of the marginalised sections, an array of definitions sprout out, muting the age-old custodians of secularism. Even the so called intelligentsia vehemently endorsed the phenomenal substitution of mother with cow. A plethora of scientific excavations on cows and peacocks recently unearthed by a former judge of Rajasthan High court exemplify the pathetic state of judicial neutrality. The values and ethics that once embellished the judicial system have been apparently replaced by popular ideology and nationalist propaganda.

The alarming number of anti-national slacktivists has outraged the political dronacharyas that they tend to mute them through threat, slander and violence. The voices of differ and opposition have been nullified, driving the country towards a unanimous affirmative nod. By faithfully standing up for national anthem in theatres, they paraded their national consciousness to safe guard themselves from the eternal vigilantes of Bharat Mata. They choose to become parrots than patriots, tolerating the intolerance of a hyper tolerant society.

Right from the killing of Narendra Dabholkar in 2013, the country has witnessed rising intolerance in almost every walks of life. It has reached a stage where the government will decide what one should eat or watch. By censoring the ‘anti-national’ documentaries and by muffling the dissidents, the government seems to have only interested in disseminating a culture of silence.

With zero tolerance to cow slaughtering while quietly supporting the barbarity of gau rakshaks, it’s time to redefine the prime agenda of the government.


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