Again and again and again…

I failed today

as I couldn’t meet the expectation of some other.


I am down

Not because I truly deserve it

But because I thought, I put a hell of a lot into it.


I cried

I wept that I missed an opportunity

I blamed myself

It was my mistake

I shouldn’t have done that

I should have put a little more effort.


True that I prepared


I don’t know where I went wrong.

I thought.


This is not the first time.

I have failed earlier.


But, this time again

I wondered why.


Cleared my mind

Opened up my heart

And I realized



I failed yesterday

I failed today

I will fail tomorrow

Unless and until, I change.


It’s painful,

looks odd.

But, it’s true.

Sticking to my daily old routine,

I have forgotten to learn.

To study something, to make a difference.


A comfort zone, it was.

Happily buried my dreams under the poshness of my laziness.


But I was dying

deep inside my heart

and these were nothing

but the symptoms

of a pseudo amnesia.


Memories do matter.

It’s late but never too late.

Something I have quoted earlier.



But this time, not to lose.




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